November has Never been Better

This November there was never a dull moment for Acura! This month, Vital Innovative Promotions hosted two events to promote the 2017 Acura ILX and this blog is a little re-cap of all the fun-filled moments at each!

Say “I do” to ILX :November 6th 2016

Earlier this month, VIP attended the Original Bridal Expo at Twin Rivers Casino for one of our promotional events. Brides, grooms, and families who attended the event were there gearing up to walk down the aisle, but they had to make a pit stop to check out the Acura ILX first! At the event, the striking, eye catching, San Marino red, ILX was parked inside the casino’s event room. Attendees had their eyes glued to the vehicle as they passed by and stopped to look at the car and our booth. We encouraged people to take a photo in our photo booth that read “ACURA ILX, I can’t wait for….”. Some brides wrote their wedding date on quote-bubble props we provided at the photo booth, while others picked up other fun props that read “Mrs. and Mr.” or “Team Bride”. In order to take the polaroid photo home with them, we had anyone who stopped by the Photo Booth follow our social media sites. Here they could see their own picture featured on our page, but most importantly, they could learn more about the Acura ILX. The car was placed in front of the booth with a “Just Married sign” and of course, a traditional trail of decorative cans strung to the back end of the car.


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Along with the photo booth, we also encouraged people who stopped by, to take a seat in the car and get a feel for it. After taking a seat and being informed of the car’s features by VIP team members, they were given the opportunity to enter to win a beautiful necklace set or a stuffed gift basket filled with all different types of tasty treats. The entry form asked them a couple short questions in regards to how they felt about the car after taking a seat inside and we were able to collect a lot of positive feedback and useful data.  The event itself created a lively, and overall fun environment for us to be a part of. VIP was able to create unique incentives for people to really interact with the ILX and feel we provided a fun experience for the people stopped by.

Fall Fast for Acura: November 10th 2016

Another promotional event that VIP hosted was the Fall Fast for Acura event which was held on the University of Rhode Island’s Quad at the center of campus. The weather was beautiful and allowed students passing from class to class to pause for a moment and take a look at the ILX parked at the edge of the quad. We provided coffee, pastries, chips and dip and cupcakes to people took a seat in the car. We also provided several gift baskets and gave students and faculty who stopped by raffle tickets to enter to win prizes. Being a fall themed event, we provided fresh apples and set up a ring toss game where players would have to toss a ring onto the stem of a pumpkin. Students who participated in our donut eating contest indulged in a tasty treat and the speediest eaters took home a pair of stylish Acura Aviator sunglasses. The campus event generated a lot of buzz and engagement on social media. Also, all the games and contests, and music at the event provided a fun environment which contributed to our goal of attaching a youthful image with the ILX.

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