VIP’s Dream Teams

This blog is to give a little insight into VIP promotions and what each of our teams have been individually working on in order to create the Acura ILX campaign and events!

Team 1: Planning, Reporting/Presentations, and Budget Management
(Samantha Valenza as project manager, Kenna Malkonian, Renee Burdon, Callie Carchedi, John Gomes and Cory Biale)

This group is responsible for organizing, inputting, editing, and uploading the marketing proposal, final reports, and the power point presentations for the two client meetings. This group will ensure a cohesive end product that accurately depicts all of the work done throughout the campaign. The budget coordinators on this group also make sure that a list of the necessary fund are allocated throughout the project and organized so that we remain on track with our spending over the duration of the campaign.

Team 2: Research Team
(Kristina Cheamitru, Danielle Wolf, Leonel Alfaro, Nick Hilton)research

Throughout the campaign the Research Team is responsible for formulating pre and post event research strategy, running focus groups, distributing surveys, tabulating and analyzing the results. This includes social media analytics, google analytics, and a campaign response form.

At the wedding expo event the Research Team had a page with “keywords of interest” that they were tracking during the event.  They did this by listening to conversations, particularly the ones happening inside the car as the people checked it out, and tracked these keywords by tallying how many times they heard each.  Prior to the event they were responsible for creating the response forms which they had people fill out at the event after having had sat in the car.  Now that the event has happened they will also be responsible for calculating the results of these response forms and turning it into meaningful information.

Team 3: Strategy and Implementation:
(Cory Woodbine, Becca Semanski, Katie Paul, Carly O’Connell, Tara Larson, Emily Kronyak)


The Strategy and implementation team has reached out to different potential places where we could hold our events and coordinated both the Wedding Expo and our upcoming event November 10th, on the quad at  the University of Rhode Island. They have organized the events from start to finish including where the venues would be all the way down to the details including what engaging activities we will have at the event, food, music, decorations, and donations.

Team 4: Public Relations
(Chris Tarchia, Justin Perras, Leah Hupal, Jen Doucette, Taylor Burns, Alyssa Altonaga)pr

The Public Relations Department determines our class’ publicity strategy. They are responsible for developing relationships with campus media, public information officers, clients and VIPs overall public image.  They must write press releases, follow up with the media, invite guests and arrange hospitality for various agency activities, write thank you correspondence to client, media, and sponsors.  They have been responsible for taking pictures throughout the campaign and tracking its progress.  During the Wedding Expo they were responsible for capturing all the activities at the event. After the event they are responsible for sending thank you notes along with pictures to the people who sponsored and donated to VIP’s campaign.

Team  5&6 : Advertising Teams

Advertising  Team 1
(Allie Tierney, Ali Plunkett, Lucie Feufeu, Derek Lisinicchia, Shannon McArthur
Advertising Team 2
(Carissa Loria, Victoria Vonreine, Miriam Nichols, Maggie Dunn, Lauren Kennedy,             Bradley Larsen).


Advertising Teams 1 and 2 are in charge of deciding on the creative components of the campaign. This includes all copy, images, and social media plans  that will be implemented across all media platforms. Also they were responsible with coming up with the creative concept for the viral video which is now posted on both Facebook and our Youtube channel. The second Ad team focuses on the communications that will drive traffic to the two events. For the Wedding Expo event they were responsible for incorporating the fast forward theme in with the event.  They came up with the idea to have a photo booth banner that read “I can’t wait for…”, then  had people who came by our booth at the event,  fill in the date with their set wedding date for example. Each person got to take their picture with their signs under the banner and take home a Polaroid to remember the day and to remember Acura.


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