5 ILX Features You Need in Your Life

The 2017 Acura ILX is equipped with features that make it beautiful inside and out. The ILX offers the full package with features that enhance the functionality, as well as the overall look of your drive, so you can always arrive in style. Here are five features of the 2017 Acura ILX that you need in your life:

1. Jewel Eye LED Headlights: Let’s be honest, style is important.  Whether it be clothes, shoes, or cars, we all want to get our hands on the most stylish model. With the Acura ILX you can give yourself exactly that. You know the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well for the Acura ILX, the beauty is just in the eye…the Jewel Eye® LED headlights that is. With the Jewel Eye® LED headlights, that come standard on all trims of the ILX, you can experience technology that mimics the natural color temperature of the sun. These stylish headlights do more than just look good. They also help every driver to experience colors more vividly and reduce fatigue when driving at night. The redesigned ILX comes with standard Jewel Eye LED headlights and LED taillights to bring style to a whole new level.acura-3

2. ELS Studio® Premium Audio System: Style isn’t just about looks, so let’s talk about sound.  Did you know that the 2017 Acura ILX has a speaker system that was developed by Elliot Scheiner, a Grammy Award–winning music producer?  You have the ability to transform your vehicle into a personal sound system using either Aha,™ Pandora,® SiriusXM,® HD Radio,® or Bluetooth® audio. You will have studio-grade equipment, literally, at your fingertips which combines perfectly with the ILX’s quiet cabin so that you can enjoy extended frequency range, lower distortion, enhanced clarity, and transparency to create an audio experience like no other. With the ILX, feel free to turn up the volume and you’ll feel like your favorite artist is giving you a live performance right in your passenger seat.acura-2

3. I-MID Screen: The ILX is smart. Acura understands that you are busy and on the go. The ILX will not only get you where you need to go, but will provide you with state of the art technology to ensure that you get there safely, even on your most hectic days. The ILX is equipped with numerous features to keep its driver both connected and as safe as possible. Think of the Acura’s  i-MID screen, which stands for “Intelligent Multi-Information Display,” as your very own personal assistant. The i-MID  screen is compatible with the iPhone, allowing you to read and respond to text messages, emails, reminders, etc. so that  you can stay connected without ever taking your eyes off the road. The screen also offers an advanced navigation system that gathers traffic information and provides you with the quickest, most efficient route to your destination. Just don’t tell your boss about this one, because you will never be able to use traffic as your excuse for being late. Ever have that moment when your stomach drops because you can’t remember if you locked your car? The ILX’s technology system  allows you to lock and unlock your car from wherever you are via a downloadable app that links to your vehicle so you never have to sweat this problem again. The app also conveniently offers you information on your tire pressure and fuel level with just the touch of a button. The i-MID touch screen also displays and allows for you to adjust climate control settings make your ride as comfortable as possible. The 2017 Acura ILX takes the the stress out of your hectic lifestyle. 

4. 8 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission: One of the newest features of the ILX is a world’s first 8-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission with torque converter. If you don’t speak car and are asking yourself “what the heck does that mean?” it means real fast, and real smooth. The 8 speed dual clutch transmission recognizes that you don’t have time for delay. Instead it allows for transitions so rapid and so smooth that even Jeff Gordon would be jealous.gallery-2017-ilx-premium-aspec-front-passenger-side-l

5. ACE Body Structure: Acura understands the road can be dangerous, even for the safest, most experienced drivers. The ILX’s ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering), body structure is designed to absorb the energy from frontal impacts, and then distribute it evenly throughout the body of the car. This transfers the energy around the vehicle and therefore, away from the passengers. The ILX focuses on keeping drivers safe. The ACE Body Structure shock absorbing technology will work to protect you and your passengers.


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